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Kickstart Your Morning Routine

simple wellness May 17, 2020

Imagine, you wake up to the buzzing of your alarm clock early Monday morning.  You finally get yourself out of bed and realize you only have 45 minutes to get everything done and out the door to work. Suddenly, you are stressed and running around the house like a crazy woman. 


Sound familiar? 


Starting the morning in a stressful way can be detrimental to your day.  It affects your view of everything, especially your to-do list, and how you ultimately feel mentally and physically. Creating a morning routine is beneficial to your health and over time can help you create the consistency you need to grow your business.  

What is a morning routine?


Your morning routine can be anything you want. It makes you feel good and ready to tackle the day. The best part is it can look different for everyone and it does not have to be rigid. There is a lot of information about creating your morning routine and heck of a lot of opinions about what...

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Find Your Fitness. Grow Your Empire.

simple wellness May 11, 2020

Finding your fitness.

If you asked me this 10 years ago, I would have laughed, anyone who knew me understood that working out wasn’t my jam. And I wouldn’t have believed you if you said it would help my career.  When you are in your 20’s it is so much easier to get away with not having a consistent work-out schedule. My focus was on being skinny. I had zero concept that working out would do anything else for your health.  At 30, this sounds completely insane. However, it is common for many women. There is this picture-perfect image we see on tv and shows us what we are supposed to look like.

Yikes- That is scary!

Creating a healthy body should be your only focus and only goal.  Every "body" is going to look different, even when you are completely fit. Empower the women in your life to get fit and become a healthier version of their already beautiful self. When you become a fitter version of you, you will start feeling better physically...

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Sneaky Myths That Are Killing Your Energy

simple wellness May 04, 2020

You are superwoman trying to do it all. Crossing to-do’s off the list, going to that meeting, finishing that project early, but you are utterly exhausted. You have researched so many ways to find energy but you are spent.  You are not alone. As women, we put pressure on ourselves to do all of the things and I want to give you a big hug and tell you that there is a way. There is a way to get more energy and there are 3 big ways to kill your energy!  Learn from my mistakes and the three myths holding you back from achieving your goals.

Myth 1:

Believing that having a big breakfast will set you up for success.


Eating breakfast is so important but choosing the right foods is what will keep you full and focused during your day. This is another reason why meal prepping is so important for the week. Choose foods that have a low glycemic index so the sugars are absorbed slowly. Foods with a low glycemic index include whole grains, high fiber veggies, healthy oils, and...

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