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Spice Up Your Meal Prep: 5 Ways to Keep Food Exciting

meal prep Jan 06, 2020

Meal prepping can get a bad rap. You have big goals and meal prepping may have been one of them. Most likely your routine disappeared, and it is not your fault.  We are bombarded with fancy Pinterest recipes, and a million ideas on prepping. It can be overwhelming, and for the record you do not have to be Martha Stewart to create simple, healthy meals each week.

The key to meal prep success is to keep food exciting. Opening your favorite cookbook for inspiration or booking time on your calendar to avoid feeling rushed are two ways that will help you meal prep week after week.

Create a list of favorites

As you try new recipes, make sure that you are keeping track of the favorites. Favorite recipes do not have to be something you cook week after week but could simply be a recipe you throw into the rotation once a month.

Creating weekly or biweekly favorites is another great way to stay on top of your meal planning game. I love spaghetti it’s a...

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Meal Prep Guide: Are Your Recipes Meal Prep Worthy

meal prep Aug 22, 2019

Happy blog Thursday everybody; in this blog, we will be talking about recipes and how to make them meal prep worthy! This blog would help give you ideas on how to be able to make large portions of great quality food without sacrificing its taste, nutrition, and avoid spoilage.

As always, if you have any questions or things you want to share, feel free to comment it below!

Now let’s get to it and get down to business!

Meal Prep Guide: How to Make Sure Your Meals Are Prep Worthy

How do you know if your recipes are meal prep worthy? Meal prep worthy meals are meals that are nutritious, easy to make, stores or freezes well, as well as, heats up well.

Stay away from anything fried, as much as possible, since fried food, such as chicken nuggets, fried chicken, or fish fillet, do not store well and they tend to get soggy when re-heated.

Meal Prep Portions

When you are meal prepping, you want to take into...

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4 Must Haves: Back to School Lunch Meal Prep

meal prep Aug 19, 2019

Happy blog Thursday, everybody! I hope you all have a great week so far. Today in the KitchWorks Network, we want to address an event all parents and parents alike, go through at this time— it’s the annual back to school hustle and bustle! If you struggle with the hustle and bustle of the reopening of the school year, then you should definitely read on.

The opening of the school year is normally a very stressful time for moms and dads. While everyone is excited to see their kids back to school, at Kitchworks we understand that this goes hand in hand with having to wake up earlier, having a tighter schedule, and the dreadful “packing of lunches”.

So, let’s get down to business and make sure we alleviate the stress and frustrations the reopening of the school year brings. Here are the 4 back to school must haves that would enable you to get through your week in a more efficient and less stressful way!

Tip Number 1: Plan Ahead

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Breakfast: What Does It Really Do For You?

breakfast meal prep Aug 07, 2019

Happy blog Thursday, everybody! I hope you all have a great week so far. This week in the KitchWorks Network, will be discussing the importance of breakfast and how you can easily incorporate it with your busy day.

A lot of us are not big breakfast people BUT that NEEDS to change. I used to be just a big coffee drinker for breakfast, and I felt like that would suffice and get me kickstarted on the day— but that just did my body more harm than good. If you think that your coffee or skipping breakfast habits do not do you harm, then you should definitely read on to find out what you are missing out on and what you’re depraving your body from.

Breakfast, what does it really give us?

What is the correlation between your weight and breakfast?

Eating a balanced and healthy breakfast sets your metabolism off without having to go through an excessive glucose spike. It also ensures that you do not go through the sugar crash which would decrease your...

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