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Trust Your Gut!

#simplewellness May 25, 2020

Trust your gut. Until now, I had never given the saying much thought. Let alone that it could actually be true! 2020 has been a year, and regardless of where you are in life I am sure you have had moments of stress. When our bodies are stressed it directly correlates with our gut. While this is no laughing matter, it did make me pause and giggle that these phrases I grew up hearing were actually the real deal.  

In today’s post I am diving into gut health. Why? Because the way we feel impacts our life and our business. I will explain what the gut-brain connection is, how to manage it, and some foods that will help you feel better in the process.

What is the gut-brain connection 

Simply put, it is a connection between your head and your stomach. But what does that actually mean? Have you ever felt uncomfortable about something and it made your stomach hurt? Or something just didn’t feel right?

 Chances are you have.  

The gut and the brain...

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