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Spice Up Your Meal Prep: 5 Ways to Keep Food Exciting

meal prep Jan 06, 2020

Meal prepping can get a bad rap. You have big goals and meal prepping may have been one of them. Most likely your routine disappeared, and it is not your fault.  We are bombarded with fancy Pinterest recipes, and a million ideas on prepping. It can be overwhelming, and for the record you do not have to be Martha Stewart to create simple, healthy meals each week.

The key to meal prep success is to keep food exciting. Opening your favorite cookbook for inspiration or booking time on your calendar to avoid feeling rushed are two ways that will help you meal prep week after week.

Create a list of favorites

As you try new recipes, make sure that you are keeping track of the favorites. Favorite recipes do not have to be something you cook week after week but could simply be a recipe you throw into the rotation once a month.

Creating weekly or biweekly favorites is another great way to stay on top of your meal planning game. I love spaghetti it’s a biweekly staple in my house. The best part is I make enough for two weeks and freeze half. That means less cooking, and as schedules ramp up its great to be able to pull it out of the freezer.

Alternate your proteins

Alternating your proteins is a great way to add variety to your meals. Having proteins in your diet also contributes to a variety of health benefits. And for the record they do not have to be animal proteins, plant proteins rock too! 

Having a healthy dose of protein does so many great things for your body from tissue repair and growth to hormone production. Regardless of what you choose, balance out your proteins when you create your meals each week.

Prepare You Staples

Preparing your staples each week is imperative to your success and helps mix things up. Similar to alternating favorites, the key to not being bored is preparing staples for the week.

In my house I alternate between grains each week. Sometimes it will be brown rice, others quinoa. When preparing staples, I take a hard look at the recipes I chose for the week and figure out way to prepare them in advance to save time

Keep It Colorful

 Colors are fun, can I get an Amen?! So why not bring them to the table? Adding fresh fruits and veggies are a win for your health and the variety will keep you from food boredom.

Creating meals that are colorful and nutritious provides your palette with texture and can even reduce your risk of disease.

Establish A Ritual

Rituals are important in everything that you do. Creating a ritual around meal planning and prepping will keep the weekly task fun and exciting.

Creating a ritual around meal planning and prepping brings people together, have you ever thought of doing it with a friend? Remind yourself that this weekly task is a part of you bring attention to the moment and find ways to enjoy it. Once you establish a ritual around meal planning it will be something you look forward too each and every week. 

Final Note

Meal prepping can either be a chore or a ritual and you are in control of keeping food exciting. From creating a list of favorites, alternating protein and establishing rituals all 5 work together.  Mastering all 5 will take some time so don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with one and grow each week.

These 5 tips will take your meal prepping to a whole new level. I promise its golden on the other side. I believe in you! You can definitely do this and I challenge you to take one tip on this week!




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