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Sneaky Myths That Are Killing Your Energy

simple wellness May 04, 2020

You are superwoman trying to do it all. Crossing to-do’s off the list, going to that meeting, finishing that project early, but you are utterly exhausted. You have researched so many ways to find energy but you are spent.  You are not alone. As women, we put pressure on ourselves to do all of the things and I want to give you a big hug and tell you that there is a way. There is a way to get more energy and there are 3 big ways to kill your energy!  Learn from my mistakes and the three myths holding you back from achieving your goals.

Myth 1:

Believing that having a big breakfast will set you up for success.


Eating breakfast is so important but choosing the right foods is what will keep you full and focused during your day. This is another reason why meal prepping is so important for the week. Choose foods that have a low glycemic index so the sugars are absorbed slowly. Foods with a low glycemic index include whole grains, high fiber veggies, healthy oils, and nuts. Avoiding sugary items such as donuts or pancakes allows the body to use foods for long term energy.  Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast will help keep you focused and is a great way to start the morning but it is not the only meal you should be eating during your day.

 Myth 2:

Power naps are the key to long and productive days.


The hard fact is you are probably not sleeping sound throughout the night. As women who are working and building an empire, we have a lot on our minds. We toss and turn and spend more time in bed than actually sleeping.  If this is you, there is a fix! Begin cutting back on the number of hours in bed. If you are able to sleep soundly for 5-6 hours then begin adding 15-30 minutes of sleep. You will create a pattern that works for you and sleeping through the night will create long term changes in the body. This takes time and being a bit uncomfortable but once you figure out how much sleep you need your body will thank you.

Myth 3:

Having an afternoon caffeine pick me up will get you through the day.


While caffeine does promote alertness having a cup of coffee late in the day can throw off the energy inside your body. Consuming large amounts of caffeine around 2 pm or later can cause insomnia and disrupt your sleep pattern. I love my morning coffee and use it to jumpstart my day. The moral of the story “Drink with Caution” having a morning cup of joe is no problem but you need to pair it with a healthy breakfast and plenty of water and sleep to make it useful.

 Creating your empire and living your life shouldn’t be made of lackluster energy. While you build your business and live your life it is important to take note of how you feel. Finding energy to get through the day should not be sabotaged and hopefully, you see the benefit in each of these myths. Take charge of your energy today!  


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