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Kickstart Your Morning Routine

simple wellness May 17, 2020

Imagine, you wake up to the buzzing of your alarm clock early Monday morning.  You finally get yourself out of bed and realize you only have 45 minutes to get everything done and out the door to work. Suddenly, you are stressed and running around the house like a crazy woman. 


Sound familiar? 


Starting the morning in a stressful way can be detrimental to your day.  It affects your view of everything, especially your to-do list, and how you ultimately feel mentally and physically. Creating a morning routine is beneficial to your health and over time can help you create the consistency you need to grow your business.  

What is a morning routine?


Your morning routine can be anything you want. It makes you feel good and ready to tackle the day. The best part is it can look different for everyone and it does not have to be rigid. There is a lot of information about creating your morning routine and heck of a lot of opinions about what it should look like.  What is important is that it allows you to start YOUR day in a way that creates peace and focus on what matters most to you. 


Owning a business, working a full-time job, and still being a normal functioning human can be overwhelming. Creating a routine that allows for self-care will help you stick to your goals, feel productive, and still allow you to spend time with your friends and family. 


How to create your morning routine


Brainstorm all the things that make you happy when you first wake up. It could be a cup of coffee, a workout, journaling, sitting quietly and so much more. We are all different and what fills our cup is unique to us.  Let your mind wander for a few minutes each morning to create an energy that fires you up. 


Allow yourself the time to enjoy your morning routine. Build your own energy. This may mean waking up an hour earlier than normal or even two hours earlier. Create the space you need to be clear and focused. The intensity of a clear mind will help you fine-tune your calendar and those goals you are working towards every day. As you look for ways to create energy make sure you are not getting trapped by these energy-sucking myths. 


Finally don’t squeeze yourself into a box. There is false information out there saying morning routines have to be exactly the same each morning. This may work for you but if it doesn’t that is ok too. Just allow yourself the time, an hour or so each morning to focus on you. Life can be busy and some mornings you may just need to sit quietly have a cup of coffee and reflect. While other mornings you need a good workout to burn stress and a few calories. 


The choice is yours. Creating your morning routine encourages you to find the focus you need to make your dreams come true.  Give yourself time to find a routine that works for you. Make changes as necessary and remember it is not a competition. The important thing is that you are making time for yourself. Time to get yourself aligned with your goals to build the life and empire you love.


Action Item: Brainstorm what you want tomorrow’s morning routine to look like. Share your morning routine in the comments below. 


Peace, love, yoga and red wine, 




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