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I Used Hello Fresh for 30 Days – This Is My Review

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020

Eating healthy all the time can be daunting. We live in a place that pushes for “eating healthy” and “working out” are life. But let’s get real, it’s tough.  Eating healthy all of the time is doable but we need to have a little fun. Society encourages social gatherings and food so how to you make it all work? I started using Hello Fresh right before Christmas.  Gearing up for the New Year and a busy schedule determined I needed a plan. While I love to meal prep and plan sometimes it comes in a different way. I used Hello Fresh for 30 Days and this is my review. Hello Fresh has been a huge time saver and allowed me to try some new things in the kitchen. For a girl who gets bored rather quickly, this has been a great way to spice up my cooking.


What I loved about Hello Fresh was the convenience. I received 3 meals a week portioned out for 2 people.This allowed me time to plan for my week and not cook on the nights that were busy. I enjoy cooking but there are some nights I wouldn’t eat until 9 pm if I had to cook when I got home from yoga. Everything that comes in your Hello Fresh box is super organized. This got me excited ladies! Each meal is in its own bag so you do not have to sort out the ingredients. Just the protein is separate because it needs to stay cold during shipping.


Over the years I have gotten incredibly bored with food, but Hello Fresh was able to alleviate my fear of boredom. Each and every week you are able to choose what meals sound good to you.  That was one of my favorite parts! Knowing that I had control over the variety was a game changer for me and I enjoyed knowing I wouldn’t be eating the same thing as last week. My second favorite part was the option to have low calorie options. Depending on what your health goals are, Hello Fresh provides the variety for a few healthy options.


Overall Hello Fresh has a decent menu when it comes to health and I was quite pleased with the variety it offered in regards to health. However, I would not recommend Hello Fresh to those that have serious health goals. The meals are absolutely delicious but contain a significant amount of creams and cheeses. Coming from a girl who loves cheese, I know that when you are trying to eat healthy, cheese in every meal is not ideal. It is actually quite tempting and makes it more difficult to make the right choices. My only concern with Hello Fresh is the amount of salt that it has you add to recipes. In the United States people tend to already eat more salt than they need and it can lead to a myriad of health issues. I know that salt makes things taste great and I encourage people to add some into their meals but it is my belief that these recipes tend to call for too much. This would not stop me from recommending them to you, however I would be mindful about how much salt you add to each meal.


Portion size for Hello Fresh meals are on point. I love the quantity of food. Not too much or too little and the best part is I am a party of one, so I sometimes have left overs.  Hello Fresh meals are a great size. The pasta dishes or casserole style recipes tend to leave to you with a little extra. It makes my lunch the next day super simple just pack up dinner and go. If you are feeding more than one person, the 2 person boxes are indeed enough for two. You may not have left overs the next day but I feel like Hello Fresh got it right. It is the right amount of food so I rarely feel like my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So often we go out and eat way more than we need to. We don’t know how to say no! It is so hard but you can check out some of the tips over on my last blog post.  

Overall I am so glad that I tried Hello Fresh. I am pleased with the company as a whole and it made my life so much easier over the last month. The convenience, portion control, healthy goodness and variety made this a company I will continue to purchase from in the future. When your life gets busy, adding a meal service like Hello Fresh to the mix can save you time and money. It is the perfect in between. If you are interested in checking out Hello Fresh you can head over to this link for $40 off you first box! 


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