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Cheap Meal Prep: Tips for saving at the Grocery Store

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

Cheap Meal Prep: Everything you need to know!

When you decide to diet or just have a busy life, sometimes cooking can become a hassle. Meal prep is a very popular go-to for most in this case. Meal prep can also become expensive if you don’t quite know how! Today I will be providing ideas and links to help you choose cheap ways to meal prep but still be satisfied with your outcome.

The best way to start a meal prep is containers.

You want to find multi sectioned containers that can be placed in your freezer to hold all your meals. Many stores will have these containers in their cookware sections.

Ex: Walmart has a 15-count container set with lids for $8.96!

 Once you find containers a third of your battle is already over!

Next thing you need is a list.

Knowing what you’re going to buy ahead of time will drastically cut your bill because you aren’t guessing on how much you will need.

You can find recipes via Pinterest or any search engine.

Plan out the meals you want to have, including portions, and write down the ingredients that you’ll be needing to make your meals.

This will save you time and money at the grocery store. Further into the blog I will be giving ideas to what types of meal prep meal that can get you started and how-to meal prep in bulk!

Pro Tip: Copy all your favorite recipes, save them in a folder in your phone, tablet, or computer and break them down into

  1. Category (Breakfast/Lunch/Diner/Snack)
  2. Save the ingredients separately from the cooking instructions.

This will allow you to easily build a meal prep plan AND a meal prep grocery list.

1 Week of Meal Prep: Your Starting Point to a New Lifestyle

When buying food for meal prep, most people buy a weeks’ worth of food. This ensures that your meals will not go bad and it gives you an opportunity to start without having the pressure of deciding what you’ll be eating every day for a whole month. 

In your first week of meal preps you will not only see a change in how you eat, but also, how much easier it can make your day go by not having to worry about making it home in time to prep and cook a big meal. For a large family this can become quite a stress reliever.


Healthy Meal Prepping in Bulk: How to Get Started

Meal prepping in bulk is one of the easiest and most useful ways to meal prep!

How would you know if a recipe is meal prep worthy? Check out our previous blog!

It’s easy to find cheap and healthy recipes you can cook in bulk to try!

You just need to get your Googling on and in 5 minutes, all you need is right there in front of you.

Since we here at KitchWorks want to make things easy for our audience, we will leave you with one of our great googling finds: Budget Bytes’ Budget Friendly Meal Prep

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about all of our cheap meal prepping tips and if you have any questions please feel free to visit our Facebook Page. Happy Prepping!



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