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Practical Solutions to Living Your Healthiest Life

Living a healthy life sounds easy. You know exactly what to do, but you can't get back on track. Find out how to get back on your health journey today. 

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Featured Female

Each month say hello to the newest featured female. These interviews will inspire you to continue to be your healthiest self.

Kim Holden

Kim is a relationship and intimacy coach. If you are interested in learning more about becoming in touch with yourself and others. Watch your relationships bloom.

Dana Youngblood

Is a Beach Body coach helping others find a fitness and nutrition program that will work for them. She will work with you to become excited, gain motivation and begin your journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Angela Wagner

Angela is an all around bad ass woman. She is a yoga studio owner, life coach, and teacher of toxins. Tune into Angela's episode to learn simple tips and tricks to creating a healthier home. 


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